Developing an Interconnected Worldview - A Thesis

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We're pleased to present the final thesis paper from Master's Students; Simon Evitts, Brendan Seale and Dylan Skybrook of the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden: Developing an Interconnected Worldview: a guiding process for learning.

The team says: We wrote this thesis paper in order to explore how to develop an interconnected worldview. We chose this as a focus because we felt that the root cause of unsustainability is a reductionist, mechanistic worldview that doesn’t see the connections between actions and outcomes, especially if the action and the outcome are separated by time or distance. Concepts like Contraction and Convergence depend on understanding the world as an interconnected whole. And in fact people do understand the concept when thinking about it abstractly. But to really have an interconnected worldview, an abstract notion of interconnectedness has to be combined with a concrete understanding of how the larger system affects and is affected by you. It has to become an embodied understanding. To address this we developed a six-step guiding process that encourages educators to design learning experiences that bring people through both the big-picture systems overview and the close concrete connections.Through the course of our research we interviewed several people who mentioned the same thing: seeing connections is a capacity that grows with experience. We came to the conclusion that the more people who experience education that develops this capacity, the more people will support initiatives like the CONVERGE project, and the faster
society will move toward sustainability.

ABSTRACT: Human society faces many environmental and social threats as a result of systemic unsustainable behaviour and values. The root cause of these problems is our collective lack of awareness and inability to understand the connection between our actions and their consequences. Therefore there is a need to develop an increased perception of interconnectivity to prevent these unintended consequences. This study explores how a learning experience could be designed to develop an interconnected worldview in support of Strategic Sustainable Development.  Research examines the concepts and capacities associated with developing an interconnected worldview, and pedagogical approaches for transformational adult learning. Finally, a guiding process is proposed for designing a learning experience in this context.


You can downloaded the full thesis text from:!OpenDocument

Developing an Interconnected Worldview was written by Dylan Skybrook, Brendan Seale and Simon Evitts as a thesis for the Master’s in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability program at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola in Sweden. Part of the funding for the research of this paper came from the Schumacher Institute via the CONVERGE project, who also generously made their network of collaborators available to the authors.



Interconnected worldview

I find your co-created work wonderful and exciting. I have been working on this area since I was 11 years old and now have developed many concepts and frameworks for understanding, assessing, and teaching students in the development  and use of an interconnected worldview, which I call a relational worldview.  I would be more than happy to share some of my work, if you are interested. As you know, because worldview is held perceptually, it entails a socieital and personal conceptual framework. As such, application is universal. 

Dr. John Tracy