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A New Social Contract for Sustainability?

Picture by Anneka Tran

5th Floor of the Arnolfini 20th and 21st of June – 9.30am – 5.00pm (9am registration)

Join us to re-think sustainability in a time of deepening environmental, social and financial crises.

We want to explore how new forms of dialogue and agreement among government, business, civil society and citizens could simultaneously address pressing social, environmental and economic crises – and we need your help! This event will combine research with public debate and discussions to explore the concept of a ‘new social contract for sustainability’. We want you to have your say on what this could look like. A range of speakers will offer their expertise in environmental, economic and governance issues in order to stimulate discussions, including: · Sir Graham Watson MEP · Anna Coote, Head of Social Policy at New Economics Foundation · Leo Hickman, Features Journalist and Editor at the Guardian · Reinhard Loske, Professor of Sustainability and Transformation Dynamics at University of Witten/Herdecke · Mandy Singer-Brodowski, Wuppertal Institute

Transdisciplinary Research on Sustainability in Europe: generic issues

Transdisciplinary Research on Sustainability in Europe: generic issues CONVERGE & Charles University Environment Center Prague Research Conference: early call and announcement

Expert Conference Prague, May, Thursday 23rd – Friday 24th, 2013 One and a half day workshop of approximately 50 invited experts from across the EU area who are working in Transdisciplinary Research for Sustainability (TDRS). This event is for professionals from the European Research Area(ERA) organisations and policy areas and for those who are running (or have run) transdisciplinary research projects on sustainability.

This event will be hosted by the CONVERGE EU FP7 research project and Charles University Environment Center.

Event - Global Convergence on a Finite Planet - February 21st-22nd, 2013 - India

 "Global Convergence on a Finite Planet". Conference in India: 21st-22nd, 2013.

Venue: SCAD Francis Xavier Engineering College, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu

Recognising that the sustainable development challenge is becoming increasingly acute, in the face of population growth, escalating consumption, a sharp rich-poor divide, environmental pressures, and climate change - the CONVERGE project focuses on how a transition to global equity for human society within the finite limits of our one planet (- Convergence) might inform EU policy. The recent context of the failures of the international SD processes at Rio to develop real ways forward indicate that we cannot simply slide SDGs into the system and expect radical change. From a Convergence perspective the way forward needs to be constructed by taking on the challenges of the Brundtland report and focussing on ’ Equity within Planetary Boundaries’. The issue of equity and development has been the reef on which international cooperation has foundered. Crucially, the discussions of the proposed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are bringing environment and development agendas move closer together. This will greatly strengthen the ability of a more united movement to work for the radical changes necessary for all our futures.

Concept note and call for papers:

Key Overall Question: Can Convergence be a unifying frame for Environment and Development movements and international agreements?

Specifically: how can Convergence contribute to the development of effective and equitable international Sustainable Development Goals ?

Equity within Limits - and the Sustainable Development Goals

“Equity within Limits – and the Sustainable Development Goals". Workshop in Bristol: 9.30am – 5.00pm, 30th November, 2012 Venue: Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol, Avon BS1 3QY

Discussions are underway to develop a new set of global, UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The aim of this event is to explore the still existing divisions between Environment and Development agendas in the context of this SDG process. The Convergence framework, a development of an EU FP7 research project, will be presented and explored as one way to develop a more united approach to the SDGs in policy and action.

Workshop - Equity within Limits – Principles, Practices and Policies - 27 th June, Hungary

You are invited to jon the CONVERGE project for a workshop in Hungary -

Equity within Limits – Principles, Practices and Policies Workshop -27 th June, 2012 (Wednesday) Venue: Gödöllő Cultural Centre (Művészetek Háza) 2100 Gödöllő, Szabadság út 6.

Please register online at


9.30 Registration and Coffee

W - CONVERGE THINK TANK pilot meeting at the European Parliament

CONVERGE THINK TANK pilot meeting: Equity within planetary boundaries Venue: European Parliament, A1H1 (Altiero Spinelli Building),

Date: Tuesday, 15 May from 15h00 to 16h30


The CONVERGE project is investigating how we can manage and allocate the earth's resources fairly and make the transition towards a sustainable future. At the core of this research is an exploration of the food system (from soil to post consumer waste) of 3 communities of around 400,000 people. These communities are in India, Iceland and the UK:


October 13th Reykjavik Iceland (Workshop 2)

November 1st 2011 Bristol UK (Workshop 1)

November 29th 2011 Bristol UK (Workshop 2)

Rethinking Globalisation Seminar Series 2011

The CONVERGE seminar series features lectures and discussions with leading practitioners, researchers and businesses on questions central to the CONVERGE project’s research. The events combine an introduction to the subject area from speakers from the front-line of the subject being explored, followed by world café styled dialogue sessions where the audience is involved in exploring the subject All events take place in St Nicholas House, 31-34 High Street, Bristol, BS1 2AW

What challenge does CONVERGE present to today's economics? 28/09/2010

Tuesday 28th September 2010, Bristol UK, 10am - 5pm

In this mini-conference, we will explore the concept of global equity in the light of Earth’s biophysical limits. Participants bring experience and knowledge of community engagement, policy and politics, economics, environmental science, systems analysis, and more, promising broad and deep discussions.

‘Convergence’ as an ideology for a post-ideological world, 27th May 2010, Bristol (UK)

Ian Roderick Director of the Schumacher Institute will introduce the CONVERGE project, and how the concept of contraction and convergence could be extended to other resources and services, and will take us through how  ‘Convergence’ can be an ideology for a post-ideological world.

Where: Bush House, 72 Prince street, Bristol, BS1 4HU

Time: 6:50pm until 9pm.

Contact for more information.